How to Earn Bitcoin?

Earn Bitcoin and Crypto Online

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have spawned a renaissance for bloggers, influencers, online marketers, webmasters and content creators. Chances are you can generate extra income by sharing your current content onto the blockchain or create a new income stream entirely from the crypto-verse.

Here we list some of our top ways to earn Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies online in order from highest reward in regards to risk. This list will be updated monthly (if needed) with new ways to earn crypto.

1) Decentralized Social Media

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook or Instagram, this is the #1 option for you. Steemit provides a way for you to profit directly from your influence; anyone who creates content online, not just bloggers can generate $STEEM and $SBD (the native Steemit currencies) by uploading pics, status updates, live video streams, even scientific papers onto the Steemit Blockchain.

Currently, bloggers, YouTubers are generating a decent extra weekly income on Steemit; so can you. It’s free to join but takes some time to be accepted, in some cases it can take weeks.


Source: Andy Hafell

2. Affiliate & Referral Programs

Crypto adoption is spreading rapidly and one of the greatest causes are the numerous crypto related affiliate programs. There’s no limit to how much you can make in this sector but be sure to check each affiliate program thoroughly before joining to avoid getting scammed.

3. Website Advertising

If you already own a website, you can add ad-units from cryptocurrency ad networks, a new alternative to traditional advertising networks like Adsense.

4. Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets give you a small amount of crypto for visiting a website and/or filling out a captcha.

Many people learn cryptocurrencies and make a small income from crypto faucets. Some faucets provide affiliate programs, by referring friends and sharing an affiliate link you can generate a passive income within weeks and eventually stop using the faucets yourself.

5. Online Tasks & Data Entry

6. Mining Cryptocurrencies

7. Staking Cryptocurrencies

8. Crypto Games


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